Reaching Families is a humanitarian food outreach program that has been working hard to provide essential nutritional food hampers to Calgary and surrounding areas for over 12 years. 

We fill the gap in hunger for those who would otherwise fall through the cracks with other traditional Food Bank and Social Supports eligibility criteria.                                      

‚Äč        With loving hearts and an open hand, we extend ours to connect with all in need..

Contact Us

Melissa Gagnier

Warehouse Manager

Melissa is great at keeping our warehouse up and running smoothly. She makes food pick-ups, assembles hampers and keeps the warehouse organized and ready to roll! If you would like to volunteer or have a question regarding our warehouse, please contact Melissa at:  [email protected].

Charlotte Gilmer

Program Coordinator

Charlotte is humanitarian in spirit and passionately driven; 

bridging the gap in services for our low income and marginalized clients. She is forever networking, communicating, fundraising and leading in the creation and development for our most impactful and utilized services.

If you have questions regarding our outreach programs or can aid our donations in any way, please contact Charlotte.   

 Email:      [email protected]

 Phone:   (403)835-7877

Peggy Studer


Peggy works hard to keep the office organized and everything running as it should. She also helps in distributing food hampers and reaches out to those in need of hampers. If you have any questions, please contact Peggy at: [email protected].


If you are in need of a food hamper, please fill out this form and someone will contact you. Please be patient. 

Reaching Families needs time to process requests and assemble hampers.